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I've bought and installed this antenna 2 years ago, on may 2005.
Before I've used for some years a Cuschrfat A3S tribander + a 2el trap yagi for WARC on the same mast.

I'm happy with it, performances are very very good,
with only one (small) antenna I can work 6 band(6-10-12-15-17-20m) with excellent results.
It's always very hard to make a comparation between antennas, expecially when you can't test both at the same time, but after 2 years and some thousands of qso, I can say that it's outperforms the old tribander on the "classic" bands(10-15-20), and of course also the old warc antenna.
Without traps you don't have any kind of loss, much easier than before Dxing with "only" 100w,
you don't have to warm up the traps :))
No problem with power, you can use your 2x3CX800 PA without reserve.
The SWR is always 1:1-1:2 and don't change even whith the rain.
And also no raining noise, becouse the copper elements runs inside the fiberglass rod.

The 180° amazing, you can check long-short path in 2-3 seconds, very usefull in contest,
where often you can work multiplier without rotate the beam, or call "CQ test" with bidirectional function.
Another smart feature, if you use it with other antennas on the same mast, you can "retract" all the elements to avoid any interaction to the other antennas...

I've analized it with EZnec, you can find the plots on the left menù,
fixed spacing don't noticeably compromise the performances, only on 12 and 10m band the F/B ratio is quite low, 17-12db, but the gain is very good for a 3 elements yagi.
Personally I find that on these bands high F/B ratio is not so important like on 20 or 17m,
"on air" performances are often quite different then "teoric ones", and also on 10-12m bands you can reduce to null an S9 signal rotating the beam...
On the left menù you can find a short videoclip(4MB AVI DIVX) about this, a strong EA signal S9+ on 28mhz reduced to S1-2 with the reverse(180°) function.

Mechanicaly it's quite complicated, no other antenna use motor or mooving parts, but it's well build,
parts quality is very high, very easy to install(you've to read the manual!), many OM in the world
use it now since some years(4-6y) without problems.
Mine has survived a 110km/h(70 miles) wind last winter, the fiberglass rod are very resistant !

You can compare the 3el Steppir to another beams that works 3el x bands on the 5 bands,
like Hy gain TH11dxs, but with only 3 elements on the air and a 5m boom !
You can have the 6 meter plus, where it works like a 4el, and 30-40m optional kit.


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